About Us

About Us

A New Restaurant in Maplewood

How We Began

Juan Gutierrez's family has always been in the restaurant business. They owned and operated several Mexican restaurants in Louisiana and Oregon. When he came to St. Louis, he met Yimi (Jimmy) Vega. Yimi owned El Comal in north St, Louis county. Yimi and Juan talked about creating a quality restaurant with a robust menu with authentic Mexican fare, with many dishes haling from the Jalisco region of Mexico where Juan’s family is from.

Casa Maya is located where Maya Café had been in the heart of Maplewood at 2726 Sutton Boulevard. Yimi had worked there many years prior and stayed close to its owner, Jay Schober. They were good friends, and Yimi and Juan decided to take over the space when the Maya Café decided to close. They even liked the name, so they choose something close, though it has no association with the former restaurant other than its name and the love of wonderful food.

Opening during the pandemic has been a challenge, but they were up to it. Casa Maya is winning over the hearts and pallets of many people in and around Maplewood. If you haven’t visited, please give it a try. They will surely win you over, too.

Daily Specials

That are truly special

Please look for our specials. We will have food unlike anywhere else in the region.